Saturday, March 10, 2012

Week 9 - Winding Down

070/365 - Slow Down
Photo on Flickr by Frances Yeo

This has been another incredibly busy week. I focused on finishing the final version of my project report on time. It wasn't easy, as I had to add large portions of text to document what was going on in the classroom. There are all sorts of subtle changes that I keep noticing in classroom dynamics and in the way the students behave in the forum. There was a short quiet period immediately after the course had started and I believe that juggling what we did in the classroom with what we did in the forum might have been too much for them at first. Also, since they were talking to me about the tasks in class, they maybe thought they didn't have to write about them. It had just started to worry me and then they were all back, including the two lurkers who finally decided to participate. One of my students has even shared this fantastic link, inviting everyone to 'travel virtually' and I am planning to take it from there and develop it into a full task. What I find amazing is that her link connects neatly to what we had done in the previous task (describing memorable photos). The general topic is travelling, so the panoramas fit in beautifully.

I am grateful to Luisa and Ricard for their help with my first draft. I wouldn't have managed without them.

I revised my report until the last moment. When I finally handed it in, a strange feeling came over me. I know the feeling, suddenly there is a lot of time on my hands. OK, not yet, since you see me writing this at four AM, but soon.

Soon I will be able to sleep long and I will finally start exercising again. I will see my friends and devote more time to my family. I will have some rest.

I am so sad.

I will miss my new online friends. I will miss my weekly readings and our weekly discussions and our weekly tasks. I will continue implementing my project, but I will have nobody to talk to about it. Above all, I will miss the discipline and keeping my mind busy.

This has been such a great learning experience. I don't want it to end. I am sure every single participant feels the same.

Me according to Gardner

Oh, and this week we did one of my favourite topics - learning styles and multiple intelligences. Lots of great resources were shared and there was a lot to read. There was a lot to think about too. I like talking to my students about how they learn and I think multiple intelligences and learning styles will make a great forum topic in April when we start doing the unit on education and learning. The more they can discover about how they like to learn, the more effective learners they will become. Not to mention the value this will have for me as their teacher.

Me according to Felder

I am a compulsive online learner, so I will definitely continue going from workshop to workshop, learning about new tools. I feel happy online and I also feel happy while I am learning new things. What this course has given me, however, is ideas how I can use technology in my low-tech classroom. So far learning about new tools has been just a hobby, from now on it will be a part of my job. Sharing online resources with my students and forum discussions are here to stay, not just with my intermediate group, but with other groups I will teach in the future.

I signed up for this course because I love technology, but I got so much more than I had expected. I got pedagogy, alternative assessment, interactive classes... And loads of ideas for lesson plans.

The course isn't over yet, so it is too early to be sad. I am looking forward to Week 10 and, after that, I hope my new online friends and I will find a way to stay in touch and, maybe, continue sharing after the course is officially over.


  1. Hello Natasa,
    The feeling is mutual. I too am going through the same experiences, feeling really sad as the course is almost getting over. It was a nice experience to have such wonderful friends like you all. And I have learnt so much from this course. I will remain grateful to Robert and the whole team of the University of Oregon for providing us with such learning experiences.
    But we will surely keep in touch even after the course gets over.

    1. Hello Nizara,

      I am sure everyone feels the same. As for my gratitude to Robert and the University or Oregon team, I still haven't found the right words to express it. I would like to write a blog post about that and I hope I will be able to do this next week.

      We will definitely stay in touch.


  2. Hello, Natasa!

    It seems to me we all share the same feelings: sensing a certain amount of relief after downloading our final projects and being sad that our 10 weeks' journey is coming to an end. But we will keep in touch!


    1. Hi Helen,

      Yes, there is a huge amount of relief too. I was in a panic that I wouldn't hand in my report on time, which is totally irrational, since I handed it in the night before it was due. Then I was in a panic that I had forgotten something. Then I was sad that I had handed it in and that it wasn't with me any more. Then there was the relief. Finally, it hit me that the course is nearing the end and that definitely made me sad.

      Let's stay in touch by all means.


  3. Natasa,
    I think everyone's feeling the same. We can feel the end's near with people slowing down a bit, even in the discussions, maybe too busy with the final report.
    I know I won't know what to do with my free time for a while until I find something else again. As a matter of fact, I will have to work hard soon, as I'm doing a workshop at the English Teachers' Congress later on in April about using literature in the classroom. But that won't be enough, I know it!

    1. Luisa,

      I am sorry about the discussions. This is by far my favourite topic. When I was a teenager, I wanted to be a psychiatrist and I still have that in me, so I love everything that is connected with the brain and the way it works. But even I was too busy at one point to participate. Now the week is coming to an end. Also, there was so much to read and I haven't managed to read everything and, as I have said, I find the topic fascinating.

      Your workshop sounds really interesting. Literature is one of my favourite topics too:) As for me, I am a compulsive online learner and I will definitely find a workshop to occupy me after this one is over. I get restless if my mind is not busy for too long. But, you are right, nothing will keep us this busy. This was like going back to University and I loved my University days.

  4. Dear Natasa:

    God is always with us.....
    Pressure is coming, nervous increasing, fear around, but zuas miracles happen.....Here we are finishing our week 10th....Let's going on and keep in touch.

    My twitter : @orchidf
    My facebook: orquidea flores.
    My messenger:

    1. Thank you, dear Orquidia. I am following you on Twitter (I am @lunas994) and I have sent you a friend request on Facebook. And here are more places where you can find me: